Our Student Lessons in the Arts Program

The RFA has a Student Lesson Program where we make financial assistance available to all local students taking group or private lessons in the arts.

The RFA contacts local instructors in the arts: those teaching piano, voice, dance, and instrumental music lessons, and offers a partial scholarship to every student taking these lessons. The cost of individual lessons is decreased for our local families and the balance is paid to the instructor periodically throughout the year.

In Rangeley, we have a strong vocal music program at the school, and instrumental music is introduced during regular music classes via tone chimes and recorders, However, Band has been cut from the budget and is now an after-school activity that is completely supported by the RFA. Our Student Lessons Program supports all students wanting to take private and group lessons beyond what is offered at RLRS and at the RFA sponsored Band program.

The RFA also coordinates and sponsors annual recitals in music and dance at the RFA Lakeside Theater to give all local students a chance to showcase their annual progress and to experience the excitement of performing in a professional space.

We annually award over $2,000 to assist local students taking lessons in the arts through our Student Lessons program.