hsorensenRangeley Friends of the Arts and the Rangeley Public Library are pleased to announce that local artists now have work on display at the library in a collaboration we are calling The Gallery at RPL. Exhibits will change about twice a month, so stop by often to see what’s there. Sometimes you will see works by artists who are familiar to you. At other times, you will be introduced to the work of local artists you may not have seen before. Either way, you will be glad you visited and looked.

All local artists shown at The Gallery at RPL live in our vibrant community. They are drawn to the beautiful Rangeley setting and thrive in its atmosphere. Drop by the library and see what our local artists have been inspired to create while you are stocking up on books to read for the week.

The current featured artist is Heidi Sorensen. Her show will be followed by Sandra Pealer. Later in June, you will be able to see works by a new generation of artists, senior RLRS students of Sonja Johnson. Future exhibits are being scheduled. If you are a local artist who would like to participate, contact Heidi (864-2078) or Jaine (864-2101).