P. Jaine Jacobs

jaine photoP. Jaine Jacobs

Ceramics and mixed media




4 x 6 ½ x 3
wood fired clay

After working exclusively with clay, making three dimensional forms that also provided a substrate to serve as a canvas, I shifted my focus to that canvas exclusively and the two-dimensional aspects of my work. Mixed media pieces followed, and both perspectives are now integral to my work. With mixed media I have an idea and can go with it immediately and directly. With clay, that stage comes a bit later, and, in the meantime, I can play in the mud and get a little dirty. I am pleased to be a full-time resident of Rangeley.

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I find my inspiration in my surroundings ~ from the forest’s foliage, from the ocean’s swirls and eddies, from creatures swimming or dancing. I enjoy the irony of making something as soft and fleeting as an ocean wave become as stone in the gas kiln, or withstand the trial by fire and smoke of the wood fire or raku pit, where the natural effects of flame and smoke encircle and complement my images.

Other mixed media and ceramic works may be seen at: www.ebbyjake.com

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