Anne Walker

anne-walker-artAfter careers in business and education, Anne has found a focus in fiber arts, using fabric as her main medium. Primarily self-taught, Anne has also taken classes and workshops with many prominent quilters and artisans in other areas of fiber, such as surface design, collage, papermaking and a variety of innovative techniques.

Her art quilts range from landscapes of the Maine mountains and lakes to impressionistic and graphic pieces, all inspired by her surroundings and travels. Each is an original design, utilizing a variety of quilting techniques and styles, non-fabric materials and embellishments. Anne also teaches classes in Rangeley to share her enthusiasm for art quilting.

Gardening, travel and natural environment provide constant inspiration for her work, which can be seen at my home studio in Rangeley or area art shows and exhibits.


Anne Walker
P.O. Box 496, Rangeley, ME 04970