2014 Events

September through June: Support of Student Lessons in Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music, plus
Student Assembly Programs at Rangeley Lakes Regional School and field trips relating to the arts.

March 15 Bangor Area Children’s Choir:   RFA Lakeside Theater

April 11, 12 Lakeside Dance Academy Recital:  RFA Lakeside Theater

May 21 Student Music Lesson Recital: 6:30 PM, RFA Lakeside Theater

May 23, 25, 26 SHOUT! The Mod Musical:  RFA Lakeside Theater

May 24 RFA Lakeside Theater Grand Opening:  RFA Lakeside Theater

June 25  Rangeley Community Chorus Concert: RFA Lakeside Theater

June 26  Celtic Music:  Comas:  RFA Lakeside Theater

June 28 Youth Ensemble of New England: RFA Lakeside Theater

July 4-7 Summer Musical Production:  “The Wedding Singer” RFA Lakeside Theater

July 8-12 Drama Camp (9:30AM-3:00PM): RFA Lakeside Theater

July 18  Ragtime Music: RFA Lakeside Theater

July 23 Music From the Lake at Bald Mountain Camps

July 24 RFA Annual Street Dance:  6:30-10 PM, Pond Street

July 28 — August 1 RFA Teen Drama Week, 10 AM to 4 PM, RFA Lakeside Theater

July 29  Celtic Music:  Annalivia:  RFA Lakeside Theater

Aug. 1, 2, 3, 4 RFA Summer DIVA:  7:30 PM The Rangeley Inn

Aug. 5 RFA Home Tour & Taste of Rangeley: 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM Various Locations and The Gingerbread House

Aug. 7 Art in August:   10AM-4PM, at the Park in Downtown Oquossoc

Aug. 7 Westerhoff Family Foundation Concert:  Church of the Good Shepherd

Aug. 8 Gary Westerhoff –Photography: “The Great Outdoors” at RFA Lakeside Theater

Aug. 15-17 Drama Production: “The Odd Couple” at RFA Lakeside Theater

Aug. 21 Music from the Lake – Rangeley RFA Lakeside Theater, DownEast Brass – Joint Venture with Rangeley Lake Cruises & Parkside & Main

Aug. 23  Boston Saengerfest Men’s Chorus: Church of the Good Shepherd

Aug. 24 Boston Saengerfest Men’s Chorus: 2 PM Church of the Good Shepherd

Aug. 27 Rangeley Community Chorus Concert:  Church of the Good Shepherd

Aug. 30 & 31 Encore performance SHOUT! The Mod Musical: RFA Lakeside Theater

September 13  Celtic Concert, RFA Lakeside Theater

Oct. 24  MACBETH, presented by Theater at Monmouth, RFA Lakeside Theater, 7 pm

Dec. 3 Rangeley Community Chorus Christmas Concert:  Church of the Good Shepherd

Dec. 7 Walk to Bethlehem: Main Street & Church of the Good Shepherd

Tickets for all events will be available at the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce
(6 Park Road) and at the door.  

Event time is 7PM unless noted.