Thank you for keeping The RFA Lakeside Theater as Rangeley’s movie house and center for entertainment, student programs and social activity.

All of the movie donors and volunteers showed their love for Rangeley through their undying support to bring first-run movies back to Rangeley. We are proud of our theater and our town and committed to making it the best it can be.

Thanks to you, everything is in place and beginning Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, first-run movies will be at our downtown theater.

It’s more than first-run movies. Your continued donations and support will help us afford the licensing fees that come with showing new movies, and will:

• Bring teenagers into town and offer them an uplifting social experience
• Light up Main Street and revitalize our downtown business district
• Give seniors and families accessible, low-cost entertainment
• Touch all of the lives that have made Rangeley such a special place for us to live, to work and to play.

To donate to this continuing program, please click the paypal button below.


Thank you to these Movie Initiative Donors!

Chris Astor
Carol & David Batchelder
Peter Bates
Joann Bean
Buddy Bergeron
Victor Block
Jeanne Blodgett
Ben & Jean Bowditch
Bill & Kathy Brittain
Ann Brooks
Ed & Beth Brunswick
John & Barbara Burgess
Patricia Butler
William & Judith Carter
Vince & Kathy Catrini
Claire & Donald Chase
John Chipchak
Claire Seidl & Jonathan Chodosh
Stephanie Chu-O’Neil
John & Lynn Conley
George & Debbie Crosson
Donald & Lynne Curtiss II
Mark Cyr
Diane Darnell
Nicole Lund & Bob Dea
Kate deLutio
Brian deLutio
Kathy Dennen
Hilde & Carlton Dodge
Joanne & Colin Doherty
Fred & Mary Dubay
Joanne Dunlap
Jamie & Beth Eastlack
Sarah Egerhei
Barbara Eller
Dave Ellinwood
Phil Engel
Brian Fersch
Festiva Charitable Fund
Forks in the Air
Russell & Tracy French
Douglas Friedman
Claudia Garner
Lynda & Wayne Gifford
Brian Voight & Judy Golin
Juliet Goodfriend

Marc Moreau & Juliet Goodfriend
Anne Marquis Gregory
Mary Ellen Grunther
Tom Guttmacher
Gordon Haley
Curt Haley
Chick & Mary Hembrow
Judith & Lyndall Hewey
Millie & Les Hoekstra
Kirby & Elaine Holcombe
Peggy Howard
Lisa Hugendubler
Hunter Cove on Rangeley Lake
In Memory of Barbara Meservey
David James
Arthur Joyce
James Kanak
Edward Kfoury
Janet Koob Alexander
Paul Kozolis
Michelle & Seth Laliberte
Robert & Robin Landis
Margaret & Norman Leblanc
Pam Lehman
Pamela & Arnold Lehman
Renee Levi
Janice & Lee Lewis
Dan Lyons
Rev. Tony & Jane MacNaughton
Don & Pam Mantovani
John McAlister
Ken & Sandy McDavitt
Robert & Susan McLellan
David Mcmillan
Salvatore Miceli
Tony Millington
Suzan Mitchell
Mary Ellen Moroney
Frank & Nina Morse
Scott & Nancy Morton
Cynthia Murray-Beliveau
Andrea Nadel
Tom & Dale Nagle
Terry Newmyer
Sabrina Nickerson


Michael Perreault
Sheridan Oldham & David Kretzing
Ellen Oppenheim
Oppenheim Family Fund
John & Birgitta Parker
Gary & Jackie PatnodeRangeley IGA
Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply
Brenda & Howard Reeve
Edward & Rochelle Reservitz
Laura & Paul Reynolds
Bill & Mary Richards
Bruce Roehrig
Chip & Andrea Rogers
Rick Rothman
Judy & Center Sanders
Elizabeth Schulte
Stephen & Leslie Schweber
Robert & Carol Scofield
S. Searle
Karen Sheingold
Nancy Skean & Judith Pfister
Martha Smith
Carolyn Smith
Tia Spagnulo
Nancy Spencer
Neil Swanton
Brooke Swearingen
Abbitt Sykes
Erica Talbert
Chris Talbert
Kevin & Dawn Therrien
Jeanne Thorvaldsen
William & Mary Angela Toms
John & Susan Tourtillotte
Kathleen Tressler
John & Kathleen Unipan
Robert & Diana Upham
Nicholas & Virginia Volkman
Gus & Deborah Wagner
Keith & Clare Webber
William Wegman
Rob & Jan Welch
Bob & Cheryl Wentworth
John Wetzel
Douglas Wootten
Valerie & Jeffrey Zapolsky