Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Lynn Plourde Children's author

Lynn Plourde Children’s author

On January 30, Maine children’s author Lynn Plourde visited the kindergarten through second grade students at Rangeley Lakes Regional School. In a multi-grade assembly Ms. Plourde presented a few of her 27 titles. With her use of lively student participation she invited the children into the magic of the rhyme and imagination of Dino Pets. Using her book Grandpappy Snippy Snappy children pondered the question, “How many uses can there be for a pair of suspenders?” A fun filled student dramatization of Pigs in the Mud brought to life the language of yet another of her books. During the day each primary classroom received an hour student workshop targeting grade level literacy curriculum goals.A book signing session closed the day. Ms. Plourde was born in Dexter and grew up in Showhegan. After graduation from Skowhegan Area High School, she went to the University of Maine at Orono and received degrees in speech therapy. “I believe that in today’s visual world, all children need extra help learning to be good listeners and speakers. And so, I developed a series of instructional books, CLASSROOM LISTENING AND SPEAKING (for preschoolers up through 5th-6th graders), which are filled with hundreds of fun learning activities for classroom teachers to use with their entire classes.”

Lynn Plourde’s visit to RLRS was sponsored and funded by Rangeley Friends of the Arts.