Janice Adler Exhibit

Janice Adler, Set Designer

Artist’s Reception: February 1, 5-7 PM. 
The Exhibit runs from February 1-25, 2018

Leaning against a dragon next to the palm tree lying on a drawbridge, Janice Adler paused to explain her most recent set design:

With so many acts, it has to be very organized… can’t have performers tripping over props. Help me flip this palm tree over. Look! This can be transformed into an exploding firecracker. Fabulous, that works.

Her creations will be featured at the Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery, in the lobby of the RFA Lakeside Theater, 2493 Main Street in Rangeley, with an Opening Reception on February 1, from 5-7 PM. The exhibit continues through Feb 25, and is open Mon-Fri, from 3-5 PM.

This time, it’s “DIVA;” the last show was “Once Upon a Mattress.” In the past six years, Adler has conceptualized and created over twenty sets for the Rangeley Friends of the Arts (RFA). From the glowing gothic architecture of “The Addams Family” to the bright color blocked minimalism of “Shout,” Adler conceptualizes and builds original sets that are essential to the overall vision and enjoyment of each play.

This February’s one-person show at the Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery is a reverie of Adler’s artistic designs and a retrospective of her contributions to the RFA. Adler came to the role of set designer at the RFA through the encouragement of friends. With her fine arts and design education, she successfully operated her own interior design business before retiring to Rangeley. Soon after, she discovered the RFA and its dedicated community of artists, performers and volunteers. True to the hard-working spirit of the organization, she donates her time and resources, producing original environments that set the tone and frame the stage for the RFA’s live performances.

Adler’s exhibit will feature storyboards, set pieces, costumes, imagined creatures and talking bubbles… a journey through her process that inspires outstanding theater. Selected pieces will be raffled, with proceeds to benefit the RFA and the Rangeley Public Library.