The Kitchen Table

August 7th 2021, 7 PM
RFA Lakeside Theater


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Who doesn’t have a story to tell, and what better place than at The Kitchen Table to tell that story? The RFA Lakeside Theater will play host to an evening of personal storytelling on August 7th 2021, beginning at 7 PM.

General Admission is $10. Tickets will be available soon and will also be available at the Box Office, Mon-Thurs 10-2, and beginning at 6 PM the night of the show.

This multi-media event comes with dual invitations: One to those wishing to tell their tales and another to those looking to listen to others tell their tales. First, if you are possibly interested in getting up and letting the world know about that time when you were there in that place doing that thing then you should contact Tim Straub at 864-9995, or email him at

“This is entertainment, people, as it was long before the internet and its allure.”  – Tim Straub