Self-Storage: The Contents of our Lives

A dark comedy.

Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon, August 17 – 20, 2018
RFA Lakeside Theater

Underwritten by the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

Co-Sponsored by Dead River Company and Mark Beauregard, Inc.

The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation has given the RFA a generous grant to write and produce an original play.  Entitled “Self-Storage: The Contents of our Lives,” it’s a dark comedy about human quirks and the life choices that lead us to collect and store too much stuff.

The “Lakeside Playwrights,” the volunteer group of writers working on the project, includes Janice Adler, Elyse Andrews, Joanne Dunlap, Mary Ellen Simon, Carolyn Smith, Tim Straub, and Valerie Zapolsky.

This is the first time an original play will be produced in Rangeley, which has a long tradition of presenting community theater: both musicals and straight plays. Admission – Adults: $18/First-Night*: $15/Youth: $10. Reserve your seats for this production by clicking HERE.

*First-Night: an opening night ticket discount to showcase the performers and reward our wonderfully supportive community that enjoys RFA’s live theater productions.