Self-Storage: The Contents of our Lives

A World Premiere, Original Dark Comedy

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 1:00 PM
RFA Lakeside Theater

Below are the Character Descriptions. Show Dates are August 17-20 at 7 PM.  Rehearsals will start shortly after the cast is set. Anne Crump is the Director. This play is made possible by a generous grant from the Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation. The play was created by the “Lakeside Playwrights” and includes Janice Adler, Elyse Andrews, Joanne Dunlap, Mary Ellen Simon, Carolyn Smith, Tim Straub, and Valerie Zapolsky.  

Character descriptions

Bozman –(Greed) 40-70 years old, Storage Facility owner, narrator, talks to audience, talks to other characters, Rod Serling-like (Twilight Zone), capitalist, disinterested god.

Carl – (Sloth) 50-70 years old, tired, slow moving, grandfatherly man, stuck in his current situation and not trying to go anywhere or do anything about it, accepting of fate.

Gertie – (Gluttony) 20-50 years old, male or female, homeless, no lines, much physical acting, comedic and sad. She has a 2 wheeled shopping cart stuffed with evidence of her gluttony, sandwich wrappers, plastic shopping bags, coffee cups, papers, rabbits feet.  She is colorfully dressed in multiple hats and socks. She steals something from each of the characters that she doesn’t need: coffee cup, shot glasses, drugs, papers, Dior hats, etc. She hides behind the dumpster, picks up messes, scurries in when no one is looking. Characters don’t see her or they ignore her as the homeless person she is.

Grace – (Pride) 50 – 70 years old, , mentally ill with bipolar disorder, rapid cycling Manic-Depressive (indicated in the script with “winding up” or “winding down” with flight of ideas, poor focus, some Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder characteristics, hoarder. An elegant, well dressed and coiffed woman in a pencil skirt, white silk blouse and classic pumps, well accessorized.

Mags – (Prodigality, Waste) 45-65 years old, emotional knot, Ex-wife of Dick, lets life happen to her.

Dick – (Lust) 45-65 years old, gregarious talker, loud, expansive, Ex-husband of Mags, wandering eye with a one-track mind.

Ted – (Wrath) 25 -35 years old, close talker, medical student with emerging schizophrenia, he was able to cope with school, but now decompensating, manic, hears voices (Alter Ted #1 and Alter Ted #2). Dressed in standard med school wear: clean but rumpled khakis, worn polished leather oxford shoes, blue oxford button-down shirt with top button undone, necktie slightly loose. Rabbits foot in pocket.  Haircut is 2 months gone, combed but untamed, clean shaven. He is a close talker. He is mostly manic & fidgety, fast paced with big gestures. He hears the Alters, but NEVER sees them. They NEVER touch.

Alter Ted #1 – female 20 – 45 years old, Good mother, conscience, super-ego, angel, encouraging and calming to Ted. She is dressed as Ted’s best vision of himself: New sharp-creased slacks, collared silk blouse/shirt with the same necktie as Ted, but perfectly knotted. Hair well cut and combed.

Alter Ted #2 –male 20 -35 years old, Devil, Id, He is all Ted’s violence. He winds Ted up, tells Ted he’s worthless, puts bad thoughts in his head. Dressed in black jeans, sneakers, tight t-shirt with tat-sleeves, rings (rabbits foot earring?) same necktie as Ted but very loose & askew, long hair, always angry on verge of violence.

Olivia (Liv) – (envy) 20-30 years old, hard-knocks young woman, driven by envy, Olivia has sought an upwards trajectory through hard work and staying on the move. The cost has been a dissatisfactory personal life and an overstuffed storage unit. She’s looking for connection to family.

Pugs Bunny – old dog, probably stuffed, pet of Carl

New Renter #1 – bit part, no lines, action only

New Renter #2 – bit part, no lines, action only

Policeman – bit part, few lines


Self-Storage: the contents of our lives

A Play in Two Acts
The Rangeley Friends of the Arts (RFA)
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