Fri, Sat & Sun, August 28, 29 & 30, 2015, 7:00 pm
Lakeside Theater

Nunsense is ‘habit’forming! Enjoy this encore performance weekend featuring five very talented local ladies, accompanied by excellent local musicians as the RFA Nunsense-Composite-Shot-FINpresents this musical comedy sure to tickle your funny-bone.

Five of the surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken, a missionary order that ran a leper colony, discover that their cook accidentally killed the other fifty-two sisters with her tainted vichyssoise. Upon discovering the disaster, Mother Superior had a vision in which she was told to start a greeting card company to raise funds for the burials, however, there was not enough money to pay for the last four burials. With the deceased nuns on ice in the deep freeze, they stage a variety show in the School auditorium to raise the necessary amount. The entertainment that they present includes solo star turns, madcap dance routines, outrageous ‘nun’ humor, and an audience quiz.

Reserved Seats: $15. Reserved Seating Tickets will be available in advance at the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce, 6 Park Rd, Rangeley, or call them at 207-864-5571. Reserving your seats is strongly recommended; a limited number of tickets may be available at the door.