MIFF in the Mountains
Best of the Maine International Film Festival

Friday through Monday, Aug 2-5, 2019
Eight films over four evenings
5 & 8 PM each night

Exclusively Sponsored by Juliet J. Goodfriend

The BEST films of the Maine International Film Festival will be shown at MIFF in the Mountains: nine films over four nights, Friday through Monday, August 2-5, at the RFA Lakeside Theater in Rangeley. Film lovers rejoice! A different film at 5 PM and 8 PM each evening. The complete schedule of films is posted below.

ALL Festival PASS – $50. CLICK HERE

Tickets will also be available for all shows at the door.

These eight films represent the best of American independent and international cinema. We will also spotlight some of Maine and New England’s most exciting and innovative filmmakers.

More than just movies…
Audiences also have opportunities to meet and talk with some of the people behind the movies – curators, professors, critics and filmmakers. Below you will find the complete list of films:


Friday August 2

5:00 pm: Islander

Life on remote Robinson Crusoe island could be utopian, but it isn’t.  Is it a bastion away from the world or a microcosmic replica?

8:00 pm: Pupille (In Safe Hands)

Compassionate and beautifully performed by France’s finest actors, this film was nominated for 7 Cesar awards.  It captures the adoption process from birth to loving home.


Saturday, August 3 – Two Maine Films

5:00 pm: Bongee Bear and the Kingdom of Rhythm

Fifteen years in the making in Maine, this family-rated animated musical will set you singing in a fairy tale romp.

8:00 pm: In the Moon’s Shadow

Made in Maine’s Belgrade Lakes during the solar eclipse of 2017 when displaced and estranged sisters reconnect.


Sunday, August 4

5:00 pm: Aga

Revisiting the 100 year old pioneering film (Nanook of the North), this film explores the instincts and motivations of those who live in the same types of extreme conditions today.

8:00 pm: Before You Know It

A very urban coming-of-age film set in a community theater in NYC.  Patriarch, Manny Patimkin and his daughters try to hold the family together with frequent role changes.


Monday, August 6

5:00 pm: Cassandro, the Exotico

His trailblazing ascent as an openly gay professional wrestler has been fraught with poignant moments.  You will think about wrestling differently after this film.

8:00 pm: Luce

A star-studded cast discovers something shocking in the locker of an all A athlete/scholar who was adopted from Eritrea and up to now has been the pride of his family and school.