Saturday, April 10, 2021 – All Day
RFA Lakeside Theater

The Lakeside Dance Academy will provide a performing experience for their dancers this year in a Virtual Format. The Annual Spring Dance Concert is normally three live performances, one for the students at RLRS and two for the general public at the RFA Lakeside Theatre on Main St. in Rangeley.

This year it will be for immediate families only, and will happen over an entire day as each class group comes into the theater, warms up, gets into costume and performs their piece with full lights and theater sound to a small audience of family members. Then they will exit while the theater is readied for the next group.  Each dance will be videoed separately and compiled into a video that will be made available to the families of the students involved. Live Streaming on Facebook may be available – stay tuned.

LDA has been providing dance instruction to limited class sizes since September of 2020 with all Covid protocols in place. The Virtual Concert will showcase the work of almost 30 dancers of all ages and is sponsored by the Rangeley Friends of the Arts. Dancers ranging in ability from beginner to advanced will perform in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and en Pointe.

The Lakeside Dance Academy has been providing dance instruction since 1986 under the Artistic Direction of Pam Ellis. Teachers also include Raina Sherrer and Lily Webber, both graduates of the Academy. The Rangeley Friends of the Arts has provided support through the years via their Scholarship and Student Lessons Program.