Grizzly-3-WebSlide Show and Talk: “Grizzlies & Friends” with Photographer Gary Westerhoff

Friday, August 4, 2017, 7 PM
RFA Lakeside Theater

Exclusively Sponsored by the Westerhoff Family Foundation.

For  the sixth consecutive year, Gary Westerhoff will present an hour-long narrated slide show, “Grizzlies and Friends,” on the big movie screen at the RFA Lakeside Theater, 2493 Main Street in Rangeley. Gary is a professional environmental engineer and nature photographer and a summer visitor to the Rangeley area for more than 45 years; he and his wife, Helga, own a house on Rangeley Lake.

There is not a more iconic animal in Alaska and Western Canada than the Grizzly Bear, the majestic symbol of the wild. The bears live in a variety of habitats and are an important part of the ecosystem. Over the past decade, Gary has spent more than 30 days in “grizzly territory'” observing their habits, fly fishing among them, and taking photographs in Alaska and Western Canada. Many of the photographs illustrate the critical role the life cycle of Pacific salmon plays in their life, especially as they prepare for a long period of hibernation.

Gary’s images also portray what he calls their “friends,” animals that share the same or similar woodlands in which they live. He shows the “big five,” consisting of black bears, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and smaller animals including wolves, coyote, fox, raccoon and deer. Many of the images show the intimate relationship between females and their babies.

All attendees are entered into a drawing, with the winner receiving an autographed copy of one of Gary’s wildlife books. Light refreshments will be served after the presentation. Admission to the show is free, however, the Rangeley Friends of the Arts will gratefully accept donations to support their local programs.