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Rangeley Friends of the Arts is proud to offer the Creative After School Arts Program: CASA. CASA is for students grades 5-9 interested in the performance arts and skill building activities. Or who just want a wonderful place to hang out with friends. CASA is the community’s much needed after school program where students can be someplace special: secure and supported. Engaged in their interests. Be it designing a project, helping with homework or cozying up in a corner.  At CASA, latch key kids, artistic kids, ambitious kids, quiet kids, your kids, will find a relaxed healthy home-away-from-home where they can thrive.

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The RFA Creative After School Arts Program is staffed by qualified employees trusted to manage the daily operation. CASA also provides weekly group beginner and advanced musical band instrument lessons. Lessons are taught by Mike Schrader, We are so lucky to have this very experienced band teacher participate in our program. CASA’s volunteers will provide workshops in theater performance and operations, music and performance, instruments, graphic art, fine arts and design, digital media, creative writing and community service. There will be a public arts project and a student-directed project each school year. At CASA the boisterous extrovert and the shy introvert will feel at home in our diverse and accepting environment.

The program will coincide with the 40 week school year, from September to June, during after school hours, Monday through Friday, until 5:00 pm. It is a completely free program. Drop-ins are welcome. It is held at the RFA Lakeside Theater, 2493 Main St. in Rangeley. CASA is partially funded by grants from the Town of Rangeley, Dallas Plantation, Rangeley Plantation, and private donations.

Click HERE for CASA Registration form.

It can be brought in on the day of attendance, dropped off at the Theater, or mailed to the RFA at PO Box 333, Rangeley, ME  04970.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
~Benjamin Franklin