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Winter/Spring 2015 MOVIE SCHEDULE


4 PM and 7 PM Shows

January 17, 2015…..Mulan

January 31, 2015…..Jackie Chan’s Project A

February 14, 2015…..Chicago

February 17, 2015…..Ghostbusters

February 21, 2015…..Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

March 21, 2015…..Evan Almighty

May 2, 2015…..Apollo 13

May 9, 2015…..Sleeper

May 16, 2015…..The Mummy (1999)

May 30, 2015…..Godzilla (2014)

New Ticket Price $5

Come see all time favorites on the largest movie screen in Franklin County

Thank You for a great summer season!

Movies, musicals, plays, artwork displays, bands, celtic concerts, dance recital, youth concerts, more musicals!! WOW, what a great ARTS SEASON in Rangeley!


RFA Lakeside Theater Open House

grand opening 011The RFA Grand Opening Open House held on May 24th was enjoyed by a few hundred folks.  The docent led tours amazed the participants with the inner workings of the theater.  A snippet of the tour follows.

Act I scene 1: began in the projection room featuring the 35mm film projectors, and an explanation regarding the fact that most movie production houses are changing to digital movies.  We do not have a digital projector and to purchase used digital equipment would require a $50,000 to $70,000 investment.  We will be showing current 35mm films, new independent movies, and classic movies that are available on DVD and Blue Ray.

Act I scene 2: featured the spotlight, light board, sound board and newly purchase LED lighting system. The new LEDs consume a tiny fraction of the electricity, create no heat, and they are all remotely controlled to dim and change 018

Act I scene 3: displayed the newly improved stage, pit area, booms to fly set pieces, dance floor and exit stage left.  The stage is now 19 feet deep and 35 feet wide.  This allows for bigger and better performances.  The most functional part of the improved Lakeside Theater is the Stage Left Back Exit.  It was created when the barn was added to the back of the theater.  Parents of the dance academy students recently donated funds to purchase a touring dance floor for both ballet toe shoes and tap.  This provides a non-slippery surface and protects the floor from abuse of tap shoes.  It was used at the last Dance Academy recital.

Act I scene 4: the greatly improved backstage includes men’s and women’s dressing areas and make-up area featuring enhanced mirrors and lighting. The curtains slide on plastic rings on plastic covered cables to minimize noise.  Antique benches have been added to provide seating for actors waiting for their cues.  The backstage double doors facilitate moving large pieces of scenery or sets.

Intermission: the piano storage and actor snack area features the newly donated Wurlitzer baby grand piano donated by Brian Vogt.  Volunteers created a temperature and humidity controlled storage unit for this beautiful instrument.grand opening 014

Act 2 scene 1: the stage manager cue board illustrated the workings behind a production.  The large black box with lots of wires coming out of it is the Sound Box, or the brain and relay station of the sound system.  All the speakers, microphones and monitors are routed through this box.

Act 2 scene 2: the newly created wardrobe and costume area enabled us to bring all costumes and props on site saving lots of travel time. There are 3 areas that have been devoted to costumes: men’s, women’s, coats, evening gowns etc.

Act 2 scene 3: as you step through the door into the storage area, you are stepping into the second floor of the barn that was attached to the theater.  Here we have an amazing amount of on-site dry and easily accessible storage.

theater 016Grand Finale: the lobby, RLRS Art Gallery and location of WRGY our local radio station was the final stop on the tour. Since the RFA acquired the Lakeside Theater, the lobby was cleaned, redesigned and painted with volunteer labor.  The art is all from Rangeley Lakes Regional School students.  This is the mission of the RFA, to inspire the community by bringing the Arts to life in the Rangeley Lakes Region.”   

We support music and dance instruction; the local school students practice here as well as put on performances. This summer there will be two week-long drama camps held at RFA Lakeside Theater.  There will be 20+ different events this summer along with movies on the big screen and great popcorn.  We hope you will continue to support the Arts in our community by attending our events, performances and movies as well as tax deductible direct donations to the RFA.

theater 013theater 017






RFA Lakeside Theater “Make-Over”

Jan 11 workparty 5stage work party at Theater

The Lakeside Theater in Rangeley is getting a “make-over”. The Rangeley Friends of the Arts, a local non-profit organization, took ownership of the Lakeside Theater in December 2013 and has been busy planning, renovating and making plans for the future.  A major work party was held in January to paint the lobby and organize storage areas including the costumes which are now stored on-site.  The 16 volunteers were able to make big steps at brightening and cleaning the lobby.  During this past week, another group of volunteers did a major renovation to the stage area. The enlarged and acoustically enhanced stage will soon be used for two live entertainment programs.

On Friday, March 14th, the RLRS MS/HS Choir will be hosting the 4th annual “Rangeley Has Talent Show”.  The show will include a variety of acts by students of all ages. This enjoyable evening begins at 6PM; tickets ($5) will be available at the door. On Saturday, March 15th, the RLRS Choir will be joining the Bangor Area Children’s Choir for a few numbers.

The Bangor Area Children’s Choir is led by Artistic Director, Robert Ludwig, a seasonal resident of Rangeley. In addition to conducting BACC, Mr. Ludwig is also Organist and Choirmaster at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Bangor. The BACC was founded in 1992, and in addition to their regular concert performances in Bangor, has performed in Boston, Washington, New York, and Chicago. This year they have two performances with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra – their annual appearance as a part of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker, and in Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Here Comes the Sun” concert by the BACC, will be at 7PM on Saturday, March 15. Although there is no admission charge for the concert, there will be an opportunity to make a donation which will benefit the building upgrades at Lakeside Theater.

stage work party at Theater 1photo 1